6 Lightweight Inexpensive Must Have Exercise Tools

Apart from Having a Yoga and/or Pilates Mat, I have made a list of other equipment I use in my classes for variety, fun, and challenge. You don’t need to have all of them but a few. Most of them can be purchased from Decathlon, Sports shops, or any E-commerce sites like Lazada in Thailand, or look for similar sites in your country.

Ankle Weights (0.7 or 1 KG) & Dumbbell (2 KG) -  Ankle Weights | Dumbbell

Foam Roller (Full-Size 90cm) -  Decathlon |  Lazada

Mini Stability Ball (26-29CM) - Decathlon

Pilates Ring  -  Decathlon | Lazada

Resistance Bands - Loops | Bands

Swiss Ball Size guide -  Lazada